2017 session registration

The registration process is comprised of the following steps:

1. Obtain a registration card

You should receive a registration card from a local sponsor or high school representative.

There are two kinds of cards: one for a primary delegate and one for an alternate delegate. The primary delegate is assured a spot at BBS, while the alternate fills the spot if the primary cannot attend. It is important, however, that alternates complete the online registration process so that the spot can be filled quickly and effectively should it become available. In years past, many alternates have been able to attend.

You can determine which type of registration card you have received (primary or alternate) by which of these is checked/selected on the card. Look at the example card and the find the checkbox marked “primary delegate” or “alternate delegate.” In the example card, it is marked with “#1.”

2. Complete the card (front and back)

Complete the front of the card with the boy’s name, age (as of June 2017), the name of the high school he attends, and the city where the high school is located. Finally, sign the bottom of the card.

Complete the back of the card, noting any medical conditions, medications he may bring with him and need to take while at BBS (please note the dosage and frequency for the medication), allergies to medications or environmental conditions, and what level of athletic participation is allowed while he is at BBS (sports are voluntary and optional). Read and sign the medical treatment consent and provide any health insurance information.

It is very important that the card is filled out completely, signed and brought with the boy to BBS, where he will turn it in during check-in on the first day.

3. Online registration

We require online registration so we can prepare for the session effectively, schedule housing, etc. If done correctly, the online registration process should take no longer than 10 minutes. To begin, you will need the following:

The password from the registration card. See the red boxed marked with “#2” on the example card. On the card you will receive, there will be a password in place of the black rectangle.

Tracking number. Each registration has its own unique tracking number, which helps us identify each boy selected. The tracking number will look something like this: 748.2-1085. Please only use the one provided to you and do not use one from another family, as it will cause delays and follow-up phone calls from our office. See the red box marked with “#3” on the example card to see where the tracking number is located on the card. Please take note of the decimal and that there are no spaces.

Accessing the online registration form

On the first screen, provide the password from the card and click “View Event.” On the next screen, review the instructions near the bottom of the page and then click “Register” to be taken to the entry page. When complete, click “Complete Registration” at the bottom of the screen. It may take a few seconds for the registration to complete, so please wait until you are directed to the final screen, confirming the registration process is complete. You will receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided.