Friday, June 16, 2016

The citizens started their Friday by selecting a number of meetings to attend, including the city councils, municipal and circuit courts, senate and assembly, supreme court, and others. Even though not all citizens were elected to a position this week, it’s a great time for them to see the people they elected jumping into action and trying to make change for them.

Throughout the day, many citizens spent their remaining hours here at Badger Boys State with their closest friends.

Colleges from Wisconsin were also on campus today to host a college fair for the citizens, who were allowed to walk around the gym for an hour and talk with representatives from nearly every college in Wisconsin. Here, citizens are handed informational packets from one of the college representatives.

The Badger Boys State athletic director concluded the week’s athletics with All-Star Games in baseball, football, volleyball, basketball and tennis, and a cross country race.

Before tonight’s evening assembly, the supreme court heard its case, which pertained to taxes. Here, citizens listen in to hear both sides of the case.

Tonight, the citizens and staff of Badger Boys State paid tribute to all veterans with the “salute to veterans” service. The choir sang, the band played and the patriotism soared. Not many people left the assembly without a few tears in their eyes. Here, citizens selected by their counties as perspective Boys Nation candidates wait to hear who was selected to represent Wisconsin in Washington, D.C.