What it means to sponsor a boy for Badger Boys State

Each participant or “citizen” who is selected to attend Badger Boys State is sponsored by an organization or individual. Sponsors define the selection process and provide the financial support for the citizen to attend the weeklong session covering food, lodging and all other aspects of the program*. Once at Ripon for the session, a citizen’s week is completely covered by the sponsorship. This removes the financial burden from the family of the young men selected and is one of many ways Badger Boys State works to provide equal opportunities to attendees of the program.

Organizations that choose to sponsor a young man to Badger Boys State provide him with an opportunity that could impact his life in many positive ways. The setting, schedule, staff, guest speakers, and citizens themselves gathered for a common purpose prove to be a powerful combination and unique experience. The program attracts some of the very best young men from Wisconsin. Following years of consistently positive results, it is common for colleges, universities, military academies and often employers to view participation as a sign of a successful future for those whom have attended and completed the program.

Although Badger Boys State has been thankful for the level of sponsorship in the past, we are always working to increase the number of organizations supporting the program. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us using the contact information noted below. The sponsorship fee for a BBS citizen is $300 for the entire week. Requests to become a sponsor for the upcoming year’s session must be coordinated by January with our headquarters. Sponsorship requests are handled in a first-come, first-served basis until we reach our maximum capacity.

*It should be noted that transportation to and from Ripon for the program is not provided by Badger Boys State and is the responsibility of either the sponsor, parents/guardians, or their high school. For this reason, sponsors should consider travel arrangements when choosing to sponsor a young man to the program.

What to expect as a sponsor

Once sponsorship is arranged through Badger Boys State headquarters, the sponsor will receive an allotment or number of young men the sponsor can provide. After receiving information from BBS for each of their allotment, the sponsor will when select whom from their community they will sponsor for the program. Some sponsors work with the local high school to select boys while others do their selection process themselves. Any sponsor not using its full allotment by January 31 will have it reassigned to another eligible sponsoring organization. Parents are not allowed to act as a sponsor for their son.

Any organization desiring to sponsor additional boys beyond its current allotment should make a written request to Badger Boys State. Such applications will be filled in the order received. If no additional spots are available, those requesting additional will be considered when allotments are reassigned for the following year.

Click here to download a presentation intended to aid the chairperson in your organization as they work with BBS HQ regarding your sponsored participants.

Fees, registration, and deadlines

December 1 to January 31

The registration cards will be forwarded to sponsors or Post Chairmen as fees are received in full for the number of boys to be sponsored.

Before January 31

By this date, organizations contemplating sponsorship are required to forward a check for fees to BBS. If this is not done by this date, the maximum enrollment may be reached, limiting a sponsors opportunity to sponsor the number desired for the coming session.

Before February 28

After this date, any remaining allotments or sponsorship slots will be assigned to those looking to sponsor more participants and is handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Before March 31

Online registration should be completed by the parent/guardian per the registration card instructions. The registration card should be kept by the family and brought to Ripon and handed in during check-in.

Before March 31

If a sponsor cannot find a suitable candidate to attend BBS in the sponsorship slot for which they have already paid, a refund request must be made by this date or the sponsorship fee cannot be refunded. There are no exceptions.

Checks and correspondence

Make all checks payable to:
Badger Boys State, Inc.

Mail all correspondence and payments to:
Badger Boys State, Inc.
P.O. Box 388
Portage, WI 53901-0388

The Board of Directors reserves the right to accept or reject any applicant for Badger Boys State as well as the right to dismiss any member for violation of the rules, regardless of sponsorship, while Boys State is in progress.