Badger Boys State Live Orientations

The currently scheduled live orientation sessions are listed below. Please note that the schedule can change frequently so please check back if you don’t see an orientation scheduled in your area. You are not limited to attending any specific session regardless of location or county listed. Please attend the orientation that fits best with your schedule.

Parents are welcome to attend any orientation with or without their son if scheduling is an issue or if they wish to learn more about the program. All are welcome. If you have a question concerning an orientation session, please email us.

If you are unable to attend an orientation and wish to arrange for a one-on-one phone question and answer session with one of our staff members, please email us. Someone will contact you as soon as s/he can. You can also download some of the resources typically handed out during live orientation sessions.

Badger Boys State Webinar Orientations

For families unable to attend a live orientation in person, a web-based orientation is a suitable alternative. Requirements to attend a webinar include: a computer with a high-speed Internet connection and a telephone (or VOIP capability from your computer).

If you wish to attend a webinar, please click on the “Calendar Item.” At the time of the webinar, click on the “Link to Join” and if using a telephone then call the “Call In Phone Number.”

For anyone interested in talking with a Badger Boys State staff member about the orientation information, please contact Bill Cosh, assistant director of orientations, at